Smart VENT foundation flood vents provide flood protection by minimizing damage during a flood

SMART VENT Foundation Vents and Flood Vents

The world's FIRST and ONLY ICC-ES Certified & FEMA Accepted Automatic Foundation Vents

ICC-ES CERTIFIED to the building code requirements of the ICC, IRC, BOCAI, SBCCI, and ICBO. Also conforms to the flood insurance requirements of FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program for automatic relief of hydrostatic pressure on the foundation walls due to rising or falling floodwaters. FEMA and the NFIP require this feature for all buildings located within a floodplain Zone A or certain areas prone to flooding. The all STAINLESS STEEL construction meets or exceeds all flood and corrosion resistance code requirements and the REMOVABLE flood door allows for easy cleaning.

Foundation Vent cerified by the ICC




Smart VENT Foundation Vent and Flood Vents provide:

  • Provides automatic entry and exit of floodwaters to relieve hydrostatic pressure
  • Has patented float releases that operate immediately when water rises
  • Is certified as an engineered opening to cover 200 sq feet of enclosed area below the Base Flood Level
  • Is the only foundation flood vent that meets code requirement for minimum 3” opening to prevent clogging by floating leaves and debris
  • Has temperature controlled louvers to automatically open when warm and close when cold
  • Provides 50 sq inches of net free area for air ventilation, temperature control and radon evacuation
  • Has easy-to-clean rodent and vermin-resistant screen


For New Construction and Retrofitting Existing Buildings

  • Each vent requires a clean 16 1/4" x 8 1/4" opening (standard CMU size)
  • The bottom of flood openings must be within 12” of final adjacent grade below the vent
  • At least two vents must be installed on different walls for enclosures below the BFE
  • Two-piece construction allows easy installation of frame
  • No access to interior required – install during construction or as retrofit
  • Installation with patented stainless steel straps requires NO SPECIAL TOOLS
  • Install easily in masonry or frame walls of any thickness
  • Request framing drawing for frame wall installation
  • Float-operated door drops into frame easily and removes for easy cleaning
  • Caulk face flange for weatherproof seal

Foundation Vent

Download the certification and learn more at

Submit the certification to the local permit officials and Insurance Agents to allow one SmartVENT or FloodVENT for every 200 sq ft of enclosed area.

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